Join an L.A. REPAIR Committee

L.A. Civil Rights is looking for engaged community members to join the Steering Committee and Advisory Committee and be a critical part of directing the participatory budgeting process for their community. 

Expand Equity

The nine L.A. REPAIR Zones have at least 87% residents of color, and at least 16% live in poverty. The L.A. REPAIR Participatory Budgeting pilot funding will go to these communities.

Power a Stronger Democracy

The L.A. REPAIR Participatory Budgeting pilot is designed to directly engage underserved communities in deciding how public money is spent. This brings more power to more people.

Make History

This pilot program is the first time the City of Los Angeles has engaged in participatory budgeting. Joining a committee is a chance to shape a new kind of budgeting in Los Angeles.

The Steering Committee: Applications Closed

The Steering Committee for L.A. REPAIR Participatory Budgeting is ONE committee made up of 17 community membersEach member of the Steering Committee represents an L.A. REPAIR Zone, and the number of seats per zone is proportional to the population of each zone. The Steering Committee will make key decisions about the process and design of the overall pilot program through a series of meetings held over 6-8 weeks this summer.

The Steering Committee:

  • Is a single committee made up of 17 members from each of the nine REPAIR Zones.
  • Guides the overall participatory budgeting process.
  • Meets weekly from mid-June through early August 2022, and as needed to monitor or evaluate the program.

The Advisory Committees: Applications Closed

The Advisory Committees for LA REPAIR Participatory Budgeting are NINE committees, one for each REPAIR Zone. Advisory Committees are made up of 7-9 community members in each zone, and will support the outreach, idea collection and voting process for their respective REPAIR Zone. The Advisory Committees will meet approximately every other week.

The Advisory Committees:

  • Are nine committees made up of 7 to 9 members in each REPAIR Zone. The population of each REPAIR Zone determines committee size.
  • Guides the implementation of participatory budgeting in their specific REPAIR Zone.
  • The first cohort of three committees meets every other week from August 2022 until February 2023 (These dates are subject to change).
  • Applications for the second cohort of six committees will open in early 2023.

Preferred Experience and Qualifications:

  • A passion for or interest in civic participation and a commitment to ensuring all REPAIR Zone residents  can participate in the PB process.

  • Experience serving immigrant communities, limited English proficient individuals, people with disabilities, youth, students, seniors, or veterans, and any other groups of residents that have been historically underrepresented or underserved by City government or its processes.

  • Experience in community organizing, economic and social justice, voter registration, and/or other civic engagement activities.

  • Knowledge and experience in planning or managing public and private projects, PB, or other public participation programs.

  • Availability to attend all or most committee meetings.

  • An ability to work in a group setting where diversity is valued and different perspectives are freely exchanged in a respectful manner.

  • No conflicts of interest that would infringe upon their ability to serve on the committee.

  • Lives within the boundaries of the REPAIR Zone.

  • At least 16 years old (minimum age requirement).

Although there is no direct compensation for being a part of these committees, our goal is to make participation easier by reducing barriers to participation. This may include subsidized transportation, providing access to computers and the internet, or helping with issues such as food insecurity or child care.

Committee members must live within a L.A. REPAIR Zone. Use the map below to look up your home address or intersection: